Bobby Backpack Black

Get yourself a brand new revolutionary backpack that goes beyond simply carrying your stuff when you are outside from

The bobby backpack is characterised by a special anti-theft design that makes it nearly impossible to access by thieves when you are walking in public. As a matter of fact, there are over 400.000 pickpocket theft incidents every year worldwide, especially in big cities with high amounts of traffic daily. With numbers and risks of getting stolen so high, you should get yourself a backpack that will dramatically decrease the likelihood of theft.

The secret behind bobby backpack anti-theft technology lies in its zipper closure which hides smartly on the back instead of the front and thus leaves no accessible areas for thieves to open you bag and steal your belongings. Additionally, the bobby backpack features the following benefits, which make your bag extra valuable, durable, and safe:

●Anti-cut technology. Both the design and materials used in the bag are cut-resistant which means that your bag won’t tear apart easily and even resist cuts in case someone attempts maliciously to use a knife to access your bag.

Bobby Backpack Pink
Bobby Backpack Pink Color

●Water resistant. Don’t worry any longer about ruining your bag with water splashes and liquids. Thanks to its special liquid resistant materials and integrated raincover technology, any water drops will stay on top and get repelled without penetrating the inside of the bag. So if you’ll be wearing this in rainy weather, you can rest assured that your stuff inside will stay nice, safe, and dry.

●Illuminating safety stripes. Illuminating light safety stripes on the front will serve as a guide for the safety of your bag during nighttime and places with minimal light so you can easily distinguish your bag.

●Matching shopping tote. For all these hopping lovers out there who want to carry their goods safely with minimal weight, the bag comes with a nice matching tote.

●Weigh balance. Ever felt that your previous backpack didn’t quite felt balanced in terms of weight and distribution of your stuff? Well, with bobby backpack, this is a thing of your past as the bag inside is built in such way to accommodate goods with balance in weight so you feel more comfortable carrying it around. Specifically, you will feel that a weight of 20-25% has been lifted from your shoulders.

Bobby Backpack Yellow
Bobby Backpack Yellow Colour

●Integrated USB port. Running out of battery? The bobby backpack features an integrated USB port which you can use by simply connecting the power bank inside and charge your mobile device from anywhere you are. A very useful feature for workers and people who are often on the go.

●Additional luggage strap. Sometimes, when travelling an extra luggage strap is needed to grab and carry our bags more easily. The bag has an extra luggage strap to make the process much easier.

●Shock proof technology. When your bag gets carried out from place to place and then stored, shock is sometimes inevitable. Thanks to its 6mm foam layer for absorbing shock and protecting your bag, you can rest assured that your goods will stay in their place and intact.

Bobby Backpack Navy
Bobby Backpack Navy

●Advanced storage design. Forget ordinary backpacks that simply mess your stuff around as you move. Thanks to its advances storage design, with multiple pockets and closures, everything will be kept in its place. Specifically, the bag features 4 main different storage compartments to store different kinds of stuff.

●Adjustable open angles. Sometimes, little things like swapping your angles can make a big difference in the safety and usage of your bag. Now you can adjust the angle closures as you see fit thanks to its adjustable open angle feature.

●Anti-sweat and air circulation technology. Even though this a pretty tough and heavy duty bag, those that sweat and want to some level of air to circulate between the inside and outside of your bag won’t get disappointed thanks to its special anti-sweat and air circulation technology.

Who is this bag for?

This bag is ideal for anyone looking for added safety, usage, durability and other premium features that a simple back-pack cannot offer. Whether you are a student, a worker, a traveller, or just a busy person on the go, the bobby backpack has everything you need and more. You really owe to yourself something that will keep your stuff safe with ease and something that will last for years. Buy yourself a bobby backpack and you’ll experience first hand why this is the smartest backpack choice you have ever made!

Available in a classic unisex black color.

Bobby Backpack Black
Bobby Backpack Black